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Stall cleaning machine, horse bedding sifter
Stall cleaning machine, horse bedding sifter
Save The Work For Your StallGem Sifter!
Made in USA
Patent No. 7,673,755 B2
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Quality Bedding Sifters Since 2007
Do you use shavings?

Do you clean your own stalls?

Do you have sore elbows and wrists?

Do you want to clean stalls easier?

Do you want to save money on bedding?

Do you want more efficient composting?
Call to order: (425) 787-3000
Horse stall bedding sifter mechanically cleans horse stalls. Separates manure from shavings without shaking a manure fork. Save time, money and labor.
New StallGem Model!  Powder Coated Steel $995 
Call To Order: (425) 787-3000